Woody' is a fun and practical upholstered seating collection that features the distinct aesthetic of a fallen tree.

Country of origin
Thetford, United Kingdom
Frame finish
Bespoke Stained Beech
Frame material
Bespoke Stained Beech
Seat materials
CMHR foams and fabrics
Ingleston Amazon

The design addresses the growing need for ways to reconnect with nature and the outdoors and offers a playful juxtaposition for use within the built environment. This temporary and comfortable perch is both a tongue in cheek response and an intelligent solution. The simple collection of benches and stools are made with softwood frames , responsive foams and a plush and heavily textured fabric. Available in two lengths and an abundance of colourways, Woody will provide some good old Deadgood fun, either at home, work or play.

Our collection of modern furniture, lighting and interior ‘products with personality’ is designed and made in Britain and supplied worldwide, to some of the freshest commercial projects on the planet.