A set of two screen prints of two giant colour chips using carefully paired colours, printed onto beautiful textured paper. Part of the Twin Tone Play modular wall art system.

Soot Black & Yuzu Yellow
Morning Yellow & Smith Grey
Pool Blue & Beach

Design your own grid of colours. Define a colour scheme without having to pick up a paintbrush.

Ideal for feature walls in lounges and dining rooms, hallways or above a mantlepiece.

The 'Twin Tone Play’ Screen Print System - eight prints of two giant colour chips using carefully paired colours. They can be hung in any combination on walls of any size. It is a fun and playful way of injecting a splash of colour or filling an entire wall.


Soot Black and Feather Blue

Yuzu Yellow and Soot Black

Yuzu Yellow and Drift Blue

Peony Pink and Smith Grey

Morning Yellow and Smith Grey

Granite Pink and Drift Blue

Mariana Blue and Yuzu Yellow

Pool Blue and Beach

Any size, anywhere, any combination

Everyone loves the colour chips of a paint chart - the ‘Twin Tone Play’ Screen Print System lets you build your own in any combination, as all of the eight colourways complement each other. Put them in a grid of any number to create a wall art design on a large dining room wall, along a hallway or above a mantle piece.

A great option for interior design beginners and experts

Lane offer the prints as sets of two, three and four in carefully chosen colourways which, for interior design beginners, solve the problem of choosing the right colour combinations. For those with a more expert eye, the ‘Twin Tone Play’ prints give you plenty of options to compliment or define a colour scheme without you having to pick up a paintbrush. It eliminates the endless debate about samples and paint chips.

“The ‘twin tone play’ concept follows on from our Twin Tone Lampshades and Cushions - great colour combinations that can add a pop of colour to your home. The colourways are contemporary and sophisticated: you can find an adventurous mix of navy and luminous yellow; an invigorating blue and stone; or a subtler soft pink and touch of light blue.” - Jonathan Casciani, Creative Director

Flexibility for an ever changing home

Add and remove prints or move them to different rooms as your house changes to your needs. The flexibility of the system means you can take the colours with you and reconfigure them in your next home. The ‘Twin Tone Play’ prints are great for renters who want a range of colour but aren’t able to paint the walls.

These minimalist colour blocks make a room feel calm, clutter-free and will create a focal point as brave or as subtle as needed. They are ideal for those who want to make a bright, bold statement and for those who want a more neutral home.

Hanging the prints in frames

The elegant black aluminium frames are selected specifically for the prints. Hanging them is easy and they come with a hanging guide and template so you can achieve the best effect.

Hand Screen Printed

The Twin Tone Screen Prints are designed by Joff and Ollie in the Lane Studio in Nottingham. They are hand screen printed nearby by expert craftsmen onto GF Smith’s beautiful, textured paper made by James Cropper, one of the oldest and last remaining speciality paper makers, based in the Lake District

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