Treestump hanger saves you space!

Treestump is a wall hanger that you can put up either vertically or horizontally. Naturally elegant both ways, but if you place it vertically that’s when its superpowers are revealed. Yes, Treestump is a superhero with the mission of saving you space. You won’t believe just how much clothes you can hang within such limited space and be able to easily find it, too. The length of the cylindrical hangers proportionally increases going up, which allows you to hang coats on top of one another without building up the total volume. Needless to say, it is very practical for narrow hallways. Treestump to the rescue! 

Ana Tevsic Naukovic

Ana Tevsic Naukovic is a product designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Started the studio in 2011 and since then expanded into a design brand. Working on individual projects for the studio as well as custom design work for different companies. Favourite clients include HAGA jewellery company, Cartoon Network, Medvedgrad brewery, Kerempuh theatre, Beck's, La Grma wedding company etc.

– Love, Ana. design studio creates wonderful things for your home!