Viewport Studio has created a collection of tableware pieces, titled Silt, using the traditional material of unglazed Purple Clay.

VW+BS collaborated with creative coffee consultants Dunne Frankowski to create a recipe for the perfect coffee using the Silt collection. The duo researched the qualities of the material devising the best form of preparation when making coffee. During this process, Dunne Frankowski documented a method of heating, steeping and filtering the coffee working with the absorbent qualities of the unglazed purple clay material. 

They produced a recipe for the perfect coffee using the Silt set…

Viewport Studio is an evolution of an existing business. We started as Voon Wong Architects in 1997. In 2006 we became VW+BS, an international studio working on product design and architecture. In 2014 we have joined up with more designers from the aviation business to create Viewport Studio, with a wide portfolio of experience and projects. Today we work with significant global brands as wellas private individuals on projects big and small from architecture to product design to aircraft interiors and brand activations.