Height 19 cm
Diameter 7 cm


Colour Light/Dark
Material Cork


A product of Pauline Deltour’s desire to innovate using traditional materials and geometric forms, Silenzio is a coin tray with a difference.

Made from two different shades of cork, its 7 cm depth allows you to empty your pockets into it and still have room to spare. The sound-absorptive properties of cork mean you can flick in your change from range without worrying about waking up the family.

Pauline Deltour

Pauline Deltour found her way in the industry right after finishing her studies, when she drew the attention of design company Alessi with her steel-wire paper bin. She launched her own studio in 2009 and soon moved to Paris. As much as she is attracted to the city’s disorder and liberated lifestyle, Deltour’s designs are clear and minimalist, revealing her focused, sharp mind.

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