PUU is a set of five wooden serving boards, perfect for all your dinner nights!

PUU is a set of serving boards which you can rearrange in countless combinations. These sleek five pieces are beautiful as they are, but what is really meant to add to the product’s aesthetic value is the behavior of the user, all the ways you choose to arrange and use them. The responsibility for the final creation is in your hands. This is your one set that can be made look new and exciting time and again. PUU is dedicated to people who take real pleasure in serving food and in making the layout of their dining tables always a little extra special. 

Ana Tevsic Naukovic

Ana Tevsic Naukovic is a product designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Started the studio in 2011 and since then expanded into a design brand. Working on individual projects for the studio as well as custom design work for different companies. Favourite clients include HAGA jewellery company, Cartoon Network, Medvedgrad brewery, Kerempuh theatre, Beck's, La Grma wedding company etc.

– Love, Ana. design studio creates wonderful things for your home!