With a name like Loud, you’d expect this elegant cabinet to scream for attention, but it barely even whispers.

Cabinet and top material
Oak veneer
Cabinet height
Legs material
Solid oak
Max height
Net weight
Order quantity
1 pc
Outside material
Mirror laminate
Steel with rubber

Loud is a cool bystander, waiting to be noticed. Although stylish and suave, Loud is an expression of simplicity that takes minimalism to a higher level. The cabinet is designed without embellishments and crafted with smooth contours. The doors and side surfaces are enhanced by a seamless layer of polished laminate that creates a dazzling mirror effect. The gleaming body is complemented by a tabletop crafted in smoked oak, with oak legs that rest on metal castors capping each foot. Loud adds a sense of understated luxury, but the overall effect is one of contemporary cool. Loud is ready to stand in the side-lines, or step into the spotlight to show off its stunning details.

Färg & Blanche

Färg & Blanche was founded by Swedish designer Fredrik Färg and designer Emma Marga Blanche, who was born in France. They established their studio in Stockholm in 2010, where the designers work across a range of disciplines. Färg & Blanche launch their own design collections, produce limited art editions and collaborate with established furniture brands. Known for works that straddle the divide between understated luxury, traditional craft and contemporary Nordic chic, Färg & Blanche are a natural fit for Northern. Their gleaming metal cabinet, Loud, is designed without embellishments and crafted with smooth contours. Loud speaks in a soft voice, yet clearly articulates cutting-edge style.

We create furniture, lighting and accessories that are Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.