The Sax Lamp was designed by Erik Hansen in 1952.

CFL Max Watt
Energy Label
A (A++ - E)
Smoked Oak/Silk White Paper Shade
Frame Included
Light Bulb Cap Type
Light Bulb Included
Luminous Flux
Max Watt
Number of Lamps
Year of Design
1952 / 2009 / 2017

It is available in different woods – light oak, beech and walnut. It is also available in a black or white varnished version. Available with the lamp shade 2/17 or 120SSK.The same size of lamp is available in a uplight version (Model 324). The Sax Lamp has been copied by many but there is only one original.

Please note that this product is provided with an EU plug + a UK adapter. For fixed UK plug options please contact your trade account manager.

Erik Hansen

In 1952 Erik Hansen designed the first Sax (scissor) lamp for LE KLINT. For many people, the classic lines and texture of the paper shade together with natural wood are synonymous with LE KLINT.

Over the years the Sax lamp has been produced as an uplighter and a down lighter in different types of wood. Today this lamp is available in beech, light oak, American walnut. A black and a white varnished finish model, has been added to the collection.

The Sax lamp has been copied by many but there is only one original.

"I have always been fascinated with light in its many forms. I am constantly amazed at the ability of pure natural light´s power, to enhance or deplete nature´s beauty. On occasion, I have questioned, how can it get us to simultaneously, think about colour texture and shade, while interacting with our senses and affecting our moods." Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, CEO