The Isole modular seating system is a simple, endearing design cocreated by Japanese firm Nendo and Italian design studio Nichetto, whose close connection defied the geographical distance between them.

Armrest Dimensions
20 x 67cm
Armrest Height
Armrest Material
Soft Moulded CMHR Foam with Steel Inserts
Backrest and Seat Material
Soft Moulded CMHR Foam with Steel Inserts
Backrest Dimensions
20 x 67cm
Base Colour
Base Configuration
Floor mount set - 2 pcs in one set
Base Material
Powder Coated Steel
Upholstery is done in stretch fabrics suitable for both home and contract environments.
Seat Dimensions
65 x 65cm
Seating Depth
Seating Height
Tabletop Dimensions
20 x 65cm
Tabletop Finish
Fenix Black Laminate
Tabletop Height
Tabletop Material
Total Modular System Width
Uniform Grass
Year of Design

A truly unique sofa concept enabling a variety of combinations and configurations, including versions with and without an “island” arm cushion. Variations include a discrete round, square or rectangular side table that integrates beautifully with the overall aesthetics. The impression? Soft, inviting and endearing.

Nendo & Luca Nichetto

Oki Sato and Luca Nichetto are two designers from different cultures who share a mutual passion for design and a truly innovative way of collaborating.

Nendo is a Tokyo-based design studio founded by Canadian-born architect Oki Sato. Nendo’s work encompasses projects from everyday objects to furniture, fashion, retail interiors, art installations and more, boasting countless pieces in museum collections around the globe. Their simple ideas are distinguished by a playful, delicate aesthetic, capturing miniature moments in life, each with a hidden story and an element of surprise.

Nichetto Studio was established by Luca Nichetto first in Venice, opening a second studio in Stockholm. A multi-disciplinary design firm working with product design, industrial design, interior design and architecture. Each piece reflects a deep passion, knowledge and appreciation for crafts combined with curated cultural references and a keen eye for detail. Merging classic forms with personality using colour palettes inspired by nature.

Nendo and Nichetto co-created Isole virtually via a long distance exchange of ideas inspired by a genre of traditional Japanese poetry called Tanka, where one person starts the poem and the other person completes it. Isole is Italian for islands, echoed in a unique modular sofa concept replete with individual components that resemble a soft pebble you would find on a beach, connected by a simple armature inspired by Venice’s tradition of building bridges. The outcome? A versatile sofa with discrete side tables expressed in an aesthetic that’s soft, endearing and inviting.

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.