Height 109.5 cm
Diameter 60 cm


Legs finish Super-matt Oak
Legs material Wood
Top finish White Texturised Lacquered


Year of design 2011


A collection of tables, stools and benches.

Chairs and stools with a very ergonomic chair-back and upholstered seat providing comfort and style to every atmosphere. "The chairs are stackable and both pieces fit perfectly in any home or facility. They are delivered assembled. Chair back of bent plywood, covered with fire-resistant polyurethane and upholstered.

No more than 4 units of the four leg base should be stacked up. Don´t stack for long time as upholstered can be marked and damage."

Nathan Yong

Nathan Yong graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in Industrial Design in 1991. He began his career not as a designer, but as a buyer as well as engaging in product development for various companies in Singapore. In 1999, Nathan started his first retail store called Air Division, selling his own creations made by Asian craftsman. Air Division rapidly grew and claimed commercial success in both Singapore as well as the overseas market. Nathan subsequently sold Air Division and pursued a Master degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia, which he subsequently graduated with distinction in Master of Design. For two consecutive years (in 2006 & 2007), Nathan won the prestigious Red Dot Concept Design Award with his conceptual designs of a mass production coffin and a portable room heater. Subsequently in 2008, Nathan received the prestigious Singapore President’s Design Award; Designer of the Year. In the 2011 International King size supplement, INTERNI for Salone del Mobile, Nathan Yong was selected as the most promising Young Designers on the international scene. He says “I like my design to evoke a sense of wonder and bring a smile to those who observe and use them, conveying the idea that lies behind their creation.

Punt means “point”, the point where pen meets paper, the point that will become a line; a design; a creation.