Back in the 1950s, this desk was designed as a dressing table.

Birch Plywood

It’s an authentic Braakman in white birch, with legs, drawers and a large lid in the centre. A simple, yet very functional design. This dressing table was gathering dust in Pastoe’s attic, when the team saw its potential as a beautiful contemporary desk. We have given it a modern twist and added it to our collection. We have heightened the frame to accommodate modern man’s longer legs, and fitted it with a cable feedthrough for a laptop, lamp, and charger. Of course, the Pastoe team would be delighted to see this desk used as a dressing table, too.

Cees Braakman

Dutchman Cees Braakman (1917-1995) meant a lot to Pastoe. From 1945 to 1978, he was head of the Pastoe design team and was responsible for the development of the first modern furniture line. Moreover, he created a clear and coherent collection of furniture conceived as functional objects, which put Pastoe on the map.

In 1958 he designed one of the first chairs to be entirely fabricated from steel wire: the SM05. The SM05's classic design has been adapted to fit current sensibilities and has been brought back into production. Its wire design gives the SM05 a spatial effect and the cushion and the shape of the backrest ensure a comfortable sitting experience.

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