This four-piece set includes two chopping boards, a ceramic plate and a brass wall hook.

They can be used individually or as a set slicing or serving cheeses, cured meats or other food. The individual parts aren't for storing in a cupboard – instead, they are meant to be displayed, with their different geometric shapes creating a design statement on your wall. The chopping boards are made of maple and beech wood, the ceramic plate is handmade stoneware with a matte grey coating. Each item in the set is also available separately.

Dimensions: Ceramic plate: width: 16 cm, length: 37 cm, material: 0.7 cm Wooden board beech wood: width: 20 cm, length: 30 cm, material: 1 cm Wooden board maple: width: 13 cm, length: 30 cm. material: 1 cm Brass hook: length: 4 cm, diameter: 0.8 cm

The focus is on using traditional manufacturing techniques and natural materials such as wood, porcelain, straw and paper in the individual products.