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e15 stands for consistent, progressive design coupled with high-grade materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods.

As a quality modern brand that caters to a global home and contract market, e15 maintains a comprehensive approach to interiors, offering a distinct collection that is compatible with diverse environments. With a strong foundation in architecture and design, e15 is defined by the unique backgrounds of its co-founder and architect Philipp Mainzer together with designer and art director Farah Ebrahimi. In close cooperation with a coterie of designers, architects and artists, e15 develops original products and supports artistic statements, which reflect the brand’s philosophy and its open approach to diverse cultures and disciplines.

Named after the postal code of its first workshop in London, e15 was founded in 1995. A radical, new simplicity marked the debut of the collection, leaving an indelible mark for the company and the history of modern design. With essential forms, baring all natural markings and characteristics as visible in design classics such as the table BIGFOOT™ and the stool BACKENZAHN™, e15 has established a leading reputation for the pioneering use of solid wood in its purest form.

With headquarters based in Frankfurt, e15 holds a worldwide retailer network with over 600 partners as well as flagship showrooms in Frankfurt and Milan. In addition to the collection of furniture, lighting and accessories, e15 collaborates with PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN to provide architectural and interior design services, realising projects on an international scale.

All products by e15

TA21 Platz Table 75cm, 250cm
TA21 Platz Table
ST04 Backenzahn Stool Oiled Walnut
ST04 Backenzahn Stool
Kazimir Dining Table Brushed Lacquered, 360cm, Oak
Kazimir Dining Table
ST10 Jean Stool Silk Grey, Coloured Oak Veneer, High
ST10 Jean Stool
Basis Round Table White Pigmented Oak, Oak, 110cm
Basis Round Table
Ponte High Table European Oak, White pigmented, Waxed, 360cm
Ponte High Table
SH06 Profil Shelf Jet Black, Long
SH06 Profil Shelf
Ponte Table European Oak, White pigmented, Waxed, 360cm, 92cm
Ponte Table
Ashida table European Oak, White pigmented, Waxed, 110cm, 330cm, 65.5cm
Ashida table
ST07 Grace Stool 80cm, Jet Black Powder Coated Steel, Waxed Walnut
ST07 Grace Stool
CP04 Iza Carpet Black & White
CP04 Iza Carpet
AC03 Rete Blanket Pink, Mint, Blue, Yellow
AC03 Rete Blanket
AC02 Jewel Case
AC02 Jewel Case
HP01 Tafel Table/Bench White, Large
HP01 Tafel Table/Bench
PA04 Theo Tray Neutral, Large
PA04 Theo Tray
AC12 Pen Tray
AC12 Pen Tray
AC11 Stop Bookend White, Tall
AC11 Stop Bookend
SL02 Mo Bed Brown, 80 cm Headboard, King Size
SL02 Mo Bed
PA02 Noah Bed King Size
PA02 Noah Bed
BE02 Taro Bench Brown, 300cm
BE02 Taro Bench
BE05 Sitz Bench 270cm
BE05 Sitz Bench
BE01 Calle Bench Brown, 300cm
BE01 Calle Bench
DC02 Fawley Bench Brown, 210cm
DC02 Fawley Bench
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