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¿adónde? means ¨where¨ in spanish which for us translates into a policy of complete openness. People know where and how our objects are made.

Minimalist and low tech, we want to make plain objects to be used for a variety of purposes. The more we simplify an object, the more it will be useful.

¿adónde? is to create, to modulate, to diversify an object's function, to simplify it to make it more useful, to have fun everyday in the kitchen, at the table, using shelves... everyday a different way.
We mean to design objects that will stimulate the user's creativity.

All of our works include a modular and fun part to them. They are the work of a very particular attention to raw materials in terms of quality and origin -- non polluting stoneware, all-natural enamels, recycled cardboard, FSC certified paper, wood from well managed forests, stainless steel...

100% french, well almost!
Some people think that we're from Spain. We're actually two creative minds in Paris -- Laurent Serin et Javier Gutierrez Carcache. It kind of makes sense that with the second name and a not so french accent, people get to the spanish conclusion, but everything in ¿adónde? is 100% french... except Javier who is from Nicaragua.

The more we simplify an object, the more diversified its use will be.

laurent serin&javier gutiérrez carcache

All products by ¿adónde?

coat hanger ATOME White, Yellow
coat hanger ATOME
Mww Letter/Document Holder Black
Mww Letter/Document Holder
Mw Magazine Rack Matte White
Mw Magazine Rack
Disque Universal Lamp
Disque Universal Lamp
Wood & Ceramic Stacking Vase
Wood & Ceramic Stacking Vase
Matchbox Light Dark Grey
Matchbox Light
3D Modular Shelf Blue
3D Modular Shelf
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